Frequently asked questions

What happens if I am exposed to or have COVID and cannot attend an art class?

If COVID prevents you from attending the in-person art classes you have already signed up for, then we will refund you for all of the classes you need to miss during the quarantine period.

Will the in-person classes be socially distanced?

Yes, we will be following the best practices for social distancing during all of our in-person art classes

I'm bad at technology! Can I still do the online art classes?

Yes! We will keep the technology simple. The platform for online classes will be Zoom, and we are happy to assist you in downloading this app and learning to use its basic functions. Please let us know if this is a service you will be needing when you sign up!

I don't know anything about art. Can I still take your classes?

Yes! The Fundamentals in Drawing and Watercolor is the perfect class for aspiring artists.